Citrix XenApp 6: An Error Occurred While Making the Requested Connection.

Today’s little doozy comes to you from the fine folks at Citrix and their product Presentation Server, I mean XenApp. 


I installed XenApp 6 on my fresh installation of Windows Server 2008 R2, each role on its own server. I’ve got a license server, a web interface, and of course a Presentation ServerXenApp Server. I logged into my Citrix site grabbed a license and installed it on the new license server.


I go to launch my first published application (Notepad, of course), and I am presented with the following error on the web interface:

First of all, I look at the application event log for the web interface server to see if anything is logged there. To my luck, there is an entry that says:

Too busy? Really? Sounds unlikely, Notepad is the only thing that I’ve published on this server, and have only published it to myself. So I start my due diligence, telnet to the XenApp server on port 80 to see if the XML service is available. It’s up…so it’s not a communication problem. I go to the XenApp server and try to diagnose why it would be reporting that it’s so busy. There are no CPU or memory issues, so I check the Citrix load on the server. I have the PowerShell SDK installed, so I use the Get-XAServerLoad <ServerName> command to see what’s going on (the QFARM -LOAD command from the cmd.exe would have worked as well). I get a value of 20000!


There are a number of reasons that your server could be reporting a load of 20000. For a good walk through of these reasons and explanations of possible causes, please go to the post over at My particular cause turned out to be the license I had installed on the License Server had its subscription advantage expire in 2009.  According to the above referenced blog, the SA date on the license must be 2010.0317 or later.

I went to MyCitrix portal, issued a new license. I had some difficulty installing the new license – copying the license to the server would give me a “Hostname mismatch” error. I verified, reverified, regenerated license files, but kept getting this hostname mismatch error while importing my license file. I went back to import the previous license file, which I knew would not server concurrent users, but was at least installable on the license server…and again got the hostname mismatch.

I am at my wits end with this license server…so I am about to scap it and start over. The whole deployment of the server only takes about 20 minutes after all. However, I decide to import a license with a valid SA date one more time, and reboot. After rebooting the license server dashboard shows the concurrent user license file installed with a valid SA. That’s progress!

I check the load on XenApp Server, and it’s still 20000. I rebooted the server (probably could have just restarted the IMA service), and checked the load again, and now it’s down to 0. Fantastic.I headed over to the web interface to launch Notepad, and it fires right up without error.

In summation – the SA Date on your concurrent user license MUST BE 2010.0317 OR LATER.

I ran into another quirky little issue in getting remote access to the XenApp 6 PowerShell SDK, but I’ll save that for another post.

7 thoughts on “Citrix XenApp 6: An Error Occurred While Making the Requested Connection.

  1. You are a hero! Save my day – half a day I’m playing around with this fu-&%/(&$’n LicServer, without some idea what is the problem. Testing policis, new install, load manager, licserver host names in all variations, give back lic. until the allowed count is full……


  2. Great!! I Worked in this problem a 2 weeks and after read this forum and others , I’ve found that my network place was working with ipv6.


    Rodrigo Dalaqua

  3. Only check in properties of your server, the remote deskop settings, you can sure if configure as “Allow Connections frfom computers running any version of Remote Desktop (Less Secure)

  4. since two months i have been facing same issue , i did above all steps but the issue is persisted state.i created the citrix test environment for i configured the sql server active directory, web interface server , two xenapp 6.0 servers .initially it`s work but after next week i got issue an error occurred while making requested connection to xenapp server.
    can anyone help me?

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